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Welcome To "Felines Under Rescue, (FUR)”!  

FUR fixes cats and dogs!!!


The root cause of all the unwanted animals in this area is the irresponsibility or inability of pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. Our goal is to reduce the number of unwanted and stray cats by trapping and fixing these community cats, as well helping pet owners pay for the spay/neuter of their dogs and cats if they cannot afford it.


Our organization, Felines Under Rescue (FUR), started out as a TNR (Trap Neuter Return) organization of stray/community cats. Now we do so much more. In our 16 years of existence we have been responsible for thousands of cats sterilized and many dogs, thus eliminating thousands of homeless kittens and puppies born.


We also help injured or ill cats and dogs if their owners cannot afford to pay for medical care. We do not want any animal to suffer. If pet owners cannot afford to buy cat or dog food, we provide pet food when we are able. We do not want any animal to go hungry. By helping pet owners in this way, we are enabling them to be able to keep their beloved pets instead of surrendering them to a shelter.


It would be nice to live in an area where we never saw starving and homeless cats and dogs foraging in the garbage cans for food and wandering aimlessly along the highways. By spaying or neutering your pets, you can help prevent this as well as reduce the high rate of euthanasia at our city pound. Dothan has a non-profit, low-income spay/neuter clinic, Wiregrass Spay/Neuter Alliance. Call 334-671-8111 for an appointment to get your dog or cat “fixed”.


We do not have a shelter and cannot take cats or dogs. We encourage - and in many cases pay full or partial payment for - the spay/neuter of all cats and dogs so that they will not reproduce. Many stray kittens and puppies come from people dumping their pet’s unwanted litter in another neighborhood or out in the country. These cats and dogs turn into unsocialized animals and in turn will have litter after litter. If every pet owner would have their pets fixed, the stray cat and dog population would be reduced. The intake at the Dothan Animal Shelter would be reduced and the high number of euthanasia would be reduced.


Our only source of income is donations from animal lovers and friends. EVERY dollar we receive goes to pay the veterinarian. We pay for postage, cat food, traps, and carriers ourselves.


Please go to our Facebook page Felines Under Rescue and “Like". To donate to FUR, go to PayPalGives and look for Felines Under Rescue, or donate to our GoFundMe page….Pet food for the Needy.


Please help the cats and dogs and your community by spaying/neutering your cat and dog! And you can help us to continue our work by sending a donation to:


Felines Under Rescue

P.O. Box 1788

Dothan, AL 36302






Official DDAF Grantee

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